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Thai Tattoo Design Hand Poke Gallery
Grand Master Ajarn Ohr

Designs can be done in Black, Red or combination of both or can be done in Coconut Oil which makes them Invisible Magical Tattoos for people who cannot show them for work etc.

Thai Tattoo Hanuman Song Sing Yant Back Piece large Size
Thai Tattoo Money Bag Sak Yant single Unalome
Yant Kroh Pedth Diamond Net Thai Tattoo
Thai Sak Yant Invisible Tattoo
Thai Tattoo Unalome circle of life and journey to enlightenment
Thai Tattoo Hah Taew with money bag Large Size
Thai Tattoo Suea Leaw Lung Tiger with 5 Unalome and Yants
Thai Tattoos with Hah Taew 5 lines on Fingers and Round Yant on back of hand
Thai Tattoo Hanuman Monkey God 7 Unalome and 3 Yants
Thai Tattoo Invisible Hah Taew 5 line Yant next to Pead Tidt 8 directional Yant. Magical Invisible tattoos are done in oil and many people have them when work does not allow tattoos to be shown
Paed Tidt 8 Direction with Tiger Face, Large Size
Thai Tattoo Jet Phra Ong Yant 7 Unalome Spires Yant
Thai Tattoo sacred Yants USA

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